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How to become a driving instructor

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becoming a UK driving instructor with 1st Driving Instructor Training


What the DSA said about 1st Instructor Training: "A highly professional and comprehensive organisation"


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To become an Approved Driving Instructor you will need to meet the Driving Standards Agency Criteria:


Hold a full UK or EU licence for the last 3 years

Have not been disqualified from driving

To not have any more than 6 points on your licence

To be a “fit and proper” person, in the opinion of the Driving Standards Agency


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What does driving instructor training involve?

In order to fully qualify as a DSA Approved Driving Instructor there are three separate exams that you will need to pass within a two year time frame. You must pass all three in order and cannot take an exam out of sequence. The three exams are as follows:


1) Computer-based theory & hazard perception test.

This exam comprises 100 multi choice questions and a hazard perception test. Topics covered include knowledge of the Highway Code, driving and teaching techniques and the UK driving test. Reference material, mock examinations and Tutor Support are provided


2) Practical test of your driving ability


Whilst you are studying for the Part I exam, your in-car driving skills tuition will begin, in preparation for the DSA Part II examination, which is not unlike an advanced driving test. Training is conducted around nominated DSA test centres. The specially structured training sessions ensure your readiness for the Part II test and continue to develop your instructional ability.


3) Practical test of your teaching ability


When you have passed the Part II exam the final exam concerns in-car teaching ability. Your training will continue as it did during the previous stage but the focus is shifted to your teaching skills. This stage prepares you for the DSA Part III examination. So long as you put the effort in, we will too. We want you to be successful!


qualify as an ADI with 1st Instructor Training


1st Driving Instructor Training offers an Integrated Training Course to help you achieve the qualification of DSA-ADI (car), which will start with a FREE pre-assessment meeting where a training officer will answer any questions you may have and also view your current driving ability.


There are no guarantees on this training course, your trainer will put in 100% to get you to qualify but if you don’t put 100% into it then you will fail. It is a two way learning process.


Why choose 1st Driving Instructor Training?


become a driving instructor with 1st driving instructor training


We offer a comprehensive integrated training course
We have friendly, helpful & highly qualified, industry standard Driving Instructor Trainers.


We can fit the training around your current commitments


We are the UK's 'Premier Driving School'


From Training to beginning your new career, we can provide the complete package


We offer a high level of flexible training, which means that you can qualify at your own pace.


How long will it take you to pass?


Our industry expert Trainers will give you the best possible advice and support. Our professionalism and hard working staff are there for you, to make your learning as easy and as successful as possible.


1st Driving Instructor Training staff are trained to the highest of standards including the highest 'check test' grades, and the Cardington Special Test to grade 'A' standard.

The course is structured around your progress and availability. From when you pass the first of the qualifying tests, you have up to two years to pass the final qualifying test. If you want to and we feel you have the ability, you can begin work as a Potential Driving Instructor very quickly. Alternatively, you can wait to start work until you pass the final qualifying test, depending on test date availability and course waiting times.




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